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Japan is known for the premium quality of its food and it has been one of the first nations to recognize the potential for Hydroponics to cultivate local food for optimum freshness and nutrition. As such, over the past two decades, many Japanese companies have been formed to research, develop this exciting market. Isle Of Veg™ comes from this long line of proud pioneers. The company leverages the state-of-the-art in knowledge and know-how to make Isle Of Veg™ products and services commercially viable.


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Welcome to Isle Of Veg™ website, home of the all-in-one solution for hydroponic grown vegetables and salads.

Our production facilities offer the optimum growing conditions to ensure our products reach their fullest potential in terms of taste and nutritional value. In addition, thanks to stringent quality control at all stages of the growing, harvesting and transportation process, our products offer a unique level of safety from bacteria, fungus and mold common to soil-raised plants. Furthermore, thanks to our controlled environment, all our vegetables and salads are grown pesticide free for improved health and well-being.

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